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Hailing from the coastal town of Blackpool, British outfit Avarus are quickly carving their names into the grains of the modern metalcore scene. Formed in late 2017 by singer Lucas Fletcher and bassist Mikey Pilgrim, Avarus have since shared the stage with the likes of Cancer Bats, Loathe, Our Hollow Our Home and Invisions. Having played their music throughout the UK and even touring as far as Asia, Avarus decided it was time to bunker down and release their anticipated debut EP. 


Transforming their sound from previous releases, Avarus are releasing their debut EP ‘Parallels’ later this year. Huge ambient soundscapes fused with immense rhythm sections, Parallels is the EP to set the tone for future releases. Written in a gloomy lockdown ‘Parallels’ tackles loneliness, arrogance and prejudice in a raw and relatable way. 


“This is the music that captures the sound we’ve been searching for since we first started as a band.” ~ Lucas Fletcher


From Left to right 

Becky Slater - Drums

Mikey Pilgrim - Bass/Vocals

Luacs Fletcher - Vocals 

Jay Wagner - Guitar

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